Fee Schedule

Intial Visit and Consultation $46.40
OHIP Pays $16.40
Patient Pays $30.00
Subsequent Visits $49.45
OHIP Pays $11.45
Patient Pays $38.00
Xrays 1 View $12.00
2 Views $24.00 and Up
Permanent Ingrown Toenail Procedures Under Local Anaesthetic One Side $350.00 and Up (Not covered By OHIP)
Plantar Warts Surgically Removed Under Local Anaesthetic $125.00 and Up (Not covered By OHIP)
Cold Whirlpool, Ultra Sound and Taping Therapy $24.00
Cortisone Injections $50.00
Custom Made Orthotic Devices From Plaster Cast Moulds $495.00 (Not covered By OHIP)
Any fees not covered by OHIP may be reimbursed by company or private medical plans
Fees Subject To Change

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