Athletes Foot

Athlete’s foot, caused by fungus infection, is the most common skin disease among young people. It lurks in almost every public shower, swimming pool or hotel room floor. Symptoms could be as minor as a little peeling skin between the toes, to blisters or even deep cracks between toes. Left untreated, the cracks function as portals for bacteria, resulting in a full blown infection with redness, swelling, pain and pus. The fungus infection could also attack the toenails causing them to turn yellow/orange and become thick and unsightly.

At first sighting, the skin infection should immediately and diligently be treated with either creams, powders or liquid sprays. Infected fungus toenails however do not respond well to topical treatments. However, an antifungal pill, which has excellent results and with only a few minor side effects is available.

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