Heel pain

Probably the most common complaint that I see with patients that are on their feet a lot is heel pain.

The first few steps in the morning are agony, but after sitting for a few minutes it feels better. Yet after taking a few steps again, the pain is back.

This is due to an inflammation of the musculation (a fasciitus) originating at the heel bone. It may or may not be associated with heel spur (an extra projection of bone on the bottom of the heel bone). Many treatments are used: cortisone injection, which relieves the inflammation; anti-inflammatory pills; ultra sound, which breaks up the congestion; as well as application of cold to the area.

I have found the orthotic device to be the most effective treatment method for my patients. Orthotic devices are specially prescribed shoe inserts made from plaster moulds of the feet. These devices cushion the heel area and support the musculature on the bottom of feet so the musculature moves less, resulting in less pain.

In most cases, extended health care benefits pay for orthotic devices. So if you are experiencing foot pain, seek out a podiatrist (or be referred to one by your family physician) who can take care of all your foot problems.

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